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Considering the IAF statement of 04 March 2020IAF ID 3:2011 (Informative Document For Management of Extraordinary Events or Circumstances Affecting ABs, CABs and Certified Organizations) and IAF MD 4:2018 (Mandatory Document for the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Auditing/Assessment Purposes) we inform you that:

– surveillance audits can be postponed for a maximum of 6 months, if they cannot be performed as planned due to the COVID-19 outbreak;

– in case recertification audits cannot be performed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they can be postponed for a maximum of 6 months, with the certification validity being extended by ACSR

If possible, ACSR will use information and electronic technology for remote audits in this period. This is to be agreed for each individual audit, depending on the specifics of the organization and its activities.

Remote audits are a temporary solution and are not applicable for initial certifications.

Circumstances may change and we will update this policy as appropriate; if you have any questions please get in touch by email at

Stay safe!